Gather · the Word · Wonder

wondering… why there’s so much room…

And many were gathered together, so there was no longer room, not even near the door; and He was speaking the word to them. Mark 2:2

I read these words today and picture a packed house… not one more person will fit in the door… so they crowd outside to hear Him speak the Word…

Then I think about the places His Word is spoken today… Are people packed in…? standing out front… straining to hear what He says…?

I haven’t seen a sight like that lately… have you…?

So I wonder… Why is there so much room…? why don’t we gather in such droves now… to hear His Word…?

Have we forgotten it is His Word…? Do we not hear it as good news…? Have we lost sight of the wonder of Emmanuel… God With Us…?

And yes… today we have it in print… and audio-Bibles… so we don’t necessarily have to go somewhere to hear His Word…

But do you press into His Word each day…? do you strain to hear what He has to say to you…? do you have to wait your turn for the Word…?

Just wondering… why there’s so much room…

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