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prayer… spiritual breathing…

Prayer is not a subject on its own. Prayer is not a specialist activity. In a symphony orchestra some play the clarinet, some play the oboe, some play the violin, and some play the trombone. But in the Christian life it is not that way: we don’t have some who visit the sick, some who sing the hymns, some who read Scripture, some who give money, and some who pray. In the Christian life we do not choose aspects, get some instruction and training, and then specialize in what we like or feel we are good at (or avoid because we have no aptitude for it).

Prayer is not something we pull out of the web of revelation and incarnation and then sign on to be “prayer warriors.” It is more along the analogy of breathing: if we are to live, we all have to do it. Although there are illnesses connected with breathing, there are no excellences. We don’t single out individuals and say, “She (or he) is a great breather.”

— Eugene H. Peterson, Tell It Slant

Group prayer has been a part of my life for over a decade… it is something I entered into reluctantly… but pressed by Him… I could not say No

My wonder over the years…? how hard it is to get others to take time to join in prayer… how few are willing… how many think I’m special… different… because I pray…

This quote of Peterson’s came to mind this afternoon… as I prayed with a friend… a weekly meeting to pray for our adult children…

Unexpected joy… filled my heart in the middle of our time of prayer… however… the joy led to sadness… as I considered those not “breathing” in the church… those who believe it to be a gift… a specialty…

I long for others to know the joy… of entering into prayer with others… of entering His presence on behalf of another…

I’m not a great “breather”… I’m just an ordinary Christian

What about you…?

…pray continually…
1 Thessalonians 5:17 

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