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The Journey Readings: Week 54… and His power…

And when they had prayed, 
the place in which they were assembled was shaken; 
and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, 
and they continued to speak the Word of God
 with freedom and boldness and courage.
Acts 4:31 Amp

The disciples of the early church… they prayed with power… and He responded with power…

Power to preach… Acts 8:4-8

Power to heal… Acts 5:12-16

Power to forgive… Acts 7:59-60

Power to rejoice in suffering… Acts 5:40-42

I wonder… Where is that power today…? among His people…?

He is the same… yesterday… today… forever…

He is willing… to empower His people… for His glory…

But are we willing to pray… and obey… when it comes to receiving His power…?

Just some thoughts from last week’s readings through The Journey…

This week’s readings…
Monday                  Acts 10:1-33
Tuesday                  Acts 10:34 – 11:30
Wednesday            Acts 12:1 – 13:12
Thursday                Acts 13:13-52
Friday                    Acts 14:1 – 15:21

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